Confessions of a Blackjack Dealer

On Christmas Eve a few years ago, I received an email in my dealing school account with the subject tile: URGENT. A writer at Travel + Leisure magazine was completing a 'Confessions' series and wanted to interview a Blackjack Dealer. An email at … [Continue reading]

Akko, Israel Archaeological Dig

I spent the month of July participating in an archaeological dig in Akko, Israel. Here's the circle of life in photographs: We opened the excavation by removing the sandbags placed at the end of last year's season. Then we were assigned … [Continue reading]

Helping Strangers Who Run Out of Gas

Around 11pm several weeks ago, I was at a stoplight off the freeway and the driver of the car in front of me got out to wave me to go around her. As I slowly drove past her, she was frazzled and speaking on her cell phone, explaining to someone that … [Continue reading]