New Year’s Eve

Coming upon New Year’s Eve and starting to make plans of where to spend it. I love this holiday deeply because there are no obligatory presents and no religious undertones. It’s a way to mark the passing of time centered around catharsis, cleaning, and changing. It’s the time of year when we collectively make decisions about the future. It’s the time of year when I suspend my gym membership, waiting for the crowds to scale back to normal levels.

My favorite part about the holiday is that there’s no wrong way to celebrate. I could deal blackjack on a cruise ship between islands in Hawaii (2011), drink ayahuasca with a chatty Shaman on the outskirts of Cusco, Peru (2012), spend a quiet night at a little wine bar in Claremont (2013), meditate at a 10-day silent retreat in the California desert (2014), or dance to the music of Grammy-winning musicians at a party with a bunch of celebrities who I don’t know in Point Dume (2015).

Happy New Year!