In an effort to be more mindful, noting time as it passes, I began taking a picture per day. Sometimes the picture is representative of my day, other times it shows a moment in the day. Some days are action-packed and I have a difficult time selecting just one image. Others are mundane, captured in a picture of my laptop or a cup of coffee or the darkness just before I fell asleep.

Photo Per Month 2017

This year, I accidentally deleted a month’s worth of pictures. Additionally, I forgot to take about a month’s worth of pictures. What remains of my 2017 Year in Photos is HERE.

Photo Per Month 2016

For my photo diary of 2016, I surrendered my phone (camera) at a 10-day silent meditation retreat and also had a few days where I forgot to snap a picture. Rather than substituting an appropriate image, I simply let those days go without filling the gap. Click the link to see the full 2016 Year in Photos HERE.

Photo Per Month 2015

The times I was without my phone in 2015, I used a picture from a neighboring day that best represented the one that was missing (i.e. when a typhoon knocked out the electricity necessary to charge my battery or the two times I surrendered my phone at a 10-day silent meditation retreat). The pictures below are my favorite from each month. Please click the link to see the full 2015 Year in Photos HERE.

01 San Antonio 02 San Diego 03 Wuzhen

04 NYC 05 Lake Tahoe 06 Vegas

07 Saipan 08 Saipan 09 DC

10 Vegas 11 LA 12 29 Palms